LED Panel Light Main Performance And Characteristics

LED panel light is a high-end indoor lighting, the outer frame by the anodized aluminum alloy, the light source for the LED, the entire design simple and beautiful lighting, atmospheric luxury, both good lighting effects, but also bring people The feeling of beauty.

LED panel lights unique design, light through the high light transmittance of the light guide plate after the formation of a uniform flat luminous effect, illumination uniformity is good, soft light, comfortable and yet bright, can effectively alleviate eye fatigue. LED panel lights can also prevent radiation, will not stimulate pregnant women, the elderly, children's skin.

Installation form

1, can be embedded in the ceiling, walls and mounting body surface;

2, can be suspended in the ceiling or mounting body below. When the mosaic in the white ceiling, the entire ceiling was color, very beautiful, clean, coordinated;

3, LED panel lights using broadband voltage design (AC85-240V / 50-60Hz), can be used in countries around the world; high-power LED using isolated power supply, constant current or constant voltage drive, power efficiency, pollution on the grid, stable performance ,Safe and reliable;

4, LED panel light is similar to the LCD TV backlight technology, a new surface light source, soft light, beautiful appearance, has been widely favored by European and American businessmen, a large number of foreign investors are buying good quality, good service, good price panel lights products And suppliers;

5, LED panel lights seem to only a simple section of lighting, but because of its high market positioning determines the customer's quality requirements of this product is extremely harsh, coupled with the product itself related to materials, thermal, optical, structure, hardware , Electronics and other fields, the general company does not have a complete development team and sufficient development experience and follow-up of the supply chain management capabilities, it is difficult to really successful development, coupled with the understanding of the market requirements are not clear, so a lot of development costs cast in exchange for Is just a customer does not recognize the product.

LED panel lights with ultra-high brightness LED as a light source for hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, home interior decoration, and other indoor lighting, you can directly replace the original ordinary fluorescent lamp, and its higher brightness.

LED panel lights the main performance and features are as follows:

1, LED panel lights design flexibility

LED is a kind of dot-like luminous body, the design staff through the point, line, surface of the flexible combination, according to customer requirements design a variety of different shapes, different particles of light, the design is very flexible.

2, LED panel lights high brightness

LED panel light with a uniform light-emitting panel and sealed design, with efficient light guide plate, and aluminum alloy material. Luminous effect is even, the illumination is higher.

3, LED panel lights less heat

LED panel light appearance, cooling function is complete, low power, less heat.

4, LED panel lamp long life

LED theoretical life of up to 100,000 hours. Such as 8 hours per day, the theoretical life of more than 27 years. CPL lamp cup theoretical life even more than 100,000 hours or more.

5, LED panel lights vary in a variety of ways

LED panel lights can be adjusted according to different needs and environmental light color, not only does not produce radiation and glare, and can protect the eyesight, light color is more moderate.

6, LED panel lights strong anti-vibration

In the LED panel lights, LED light source is a high hardness resin luminous body rather than tungsten glass, etc., is not easy to damage, so its relatively high anti-vibration, ambient temperature adaptability.

7, LED panel light control ability

LED panel lights through an external controller for a variety of dynamic program control, to control the color temperature and shade degree of regulation.

8, LED panel lights low power consumption

At the same time, LED panel lighting technology is a green lighting technology, the product does not contain mercury, waste less, the manufacturing process is almost no pollution; semiconductor lighting with recyclable, recyclable characteristics of economic and social sustainable development is important effect.